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Rick Hock – Lead/Rhythm, acoustic six-string/twelve string guitars, bass.

Prior to this project, I was pretty much in a long rock n’ roll slumber. I played and performed live in a steady rock band many years ago. Somehow, life happened and I dropped out.

I continued playing on and off for my own enjoyment, writing a song every now and then. It wasn’t until my buddy contacted me that my old passion for rockin’ out was re-kindled. With a new mission and infinite support from my wife Patty, I was ready to spread my wings. I was doubly blessed to be put in the path of such talented guys to work with…now on to them

Scott Waters – Lead/background vocals

Scott has been active in the music scene for many years. He currently sings lead with a great cover band called Pirates for Peace. He was introduced to me by Phil and Matt. When he was first asked to be part of the project, he responded with great enthusiasm.

It was immediately obvious to me the passion he still has for making music. All talent and no ego, Scott puts everything he has into his vocals. He worked very hard preparing for the studio and was a consummate professional. He brought some great ideas into the songs as well. His gentle character and infectious spirit just make him a great guy to be around. I had a great time working with him, and made a good friend. We both look forward to seeing where this project goes.

His vocals are a signature trait of the Kyanite Captains and hope to work with him again soon.

Matt Glasser – Drums

In addition to being a talented all around musician, Matt is co-owner of the studio and owns a live sound company. With no advanced preparation, Matt was able to complete the drum tracks in six hours but it sounded like we had rehearsed for months. I remember getting distracted when I was tracking the guitar parts just listening to the kick-ass fills and thinking “I can’t believe how he was able to nail these songs so quickly.”

I was even more impressed later on listening as the songs were developing how he was able to build up energy and transition in and out of all the sections of the songs from playing with nothing more than a scratch track. Frickin’ amazing!

Phil Mann – Engineer, producer, keyboards, one man brain trust


I set up a tour with Phil at Silk City Music Factory…pretty much because he was the only studio guy who did that. He had an impressive bio on his website so I was psyched to meet with him. As soon as I walked in the studio and started talking to him, I knew right then it was going to be the only studio I needed to visit. The studio has a vibe conducive to creativity. It’s warm and comfortable, with a no-stress feel that really enables you to freely express yourself. With his easy-going demeanor, Phil is the perfect ambassador for that environment. Upon my initial visit (and it was a long one) Phil was very receptive and non-judgmental to my ideas; they were very specific and he understood them implicitly. He carried that through the entire recording process.

I figured he’d be great to work with but turns out he’s nothing short of a genius. There were ideas flying from Scott and me and Phil was always able to reign them in and do everything we asked him to. He even showed his talent by playing keys on Wizards! I learned so much working with him...tone settings, vocal stacking, guitar tracking, mixing and my biggest lesson...sometimes less is more. Over and over he offered advice to make the sound really come to life. Although he and I had many hours (and many cups of coffee) in the studio, it was never dull. In addition to all his talents he is a great conversationalist.


He got the best out of everyone and I look forward to working with him again.

Welcome to our new base player!

Mike Cwyner


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